Saturday, May 22, 2010

Story coming soon...once I reach civilization.

This is little Buck. His amazing story is coming soon. It's both happy and sad.........

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Sharon said...

Hey, Den ~ Glad to see you're on the move again. Looking forward to 'the rest of the (dog) story'.

I see you're in Berea today. Last time we were there was just after a tornado touched down. It's been years but we still remember the sight.

If you get near Lorreto (Hwy 52), be sure to check out the Maker's Mark Distillery. A gorgeous setting and a fun tour. No free samples tho ... it's a dry county! But I did get to dip my own bottle in their trademark red wax the last time we were there. (They didn't even allow purchases the first two times we went.)

Toodles ~ AS