Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey everyone!!

I'm going to Spain in 3 days and am psyched!! Right now I'm in the middle of mad, last-minute preparations/packing and trying to tie up loose ends at work before I go.

Interestingly, Spain beat Italy yesterday in the quarterfinals of the 2008 European Football Championships (soccer!!), and therefore they are now in the semifinals. They play Russia on the day I go over there, and the game will be over when I get off the airplane in Madrid. I have no idea if I'll be walking into a countrywide party, or if it'll be like a funeral. From what I understand, they take this more seriously than we Americans can even fathom.

I will write regularly on my blog during my trip (in place of emailing, most likely) so feel free to check back every couple of days if you want to know where I am and what I'm doing.