Monday, May 10, 2010

The beginning. Day 1.

Woke early and had to ride 13 miles just to where the TransAmerica trail actually starts, in Yorktown, VA. Yorktown was the site of the final battle in the Revolutionary War, and we'd have not won there if it weren't for the French navy helping us by sealing off the river exit so the English couldn't retreat to the ocean.

Gorgeous 73 degree day. After the ceremonial dipping of the wheel in the salty York River/Chesapeake Bay, I was off. Well, actually I was off after the ceremonial 20-minute cleaning of the sand out of my brakes, rims, and chain...grumble grumble.

I then rode the 13 miles back to Williamsburg to go to Target and the outdoor store for some things I needed. Then I rode to Jamestown to see where the first permanent American colony was 1607...on May birthday! Hey, I share a birthday with the USA. Can anyone here other than Brandon claim THAT?!

Finally leaving the "historic triangle" area brought a very manageable 20 miles to camp on the banks of the Chickahominy River...only the free camping I expected at the park was instead $28.76. You gotta be kidding me...that's for a basic site on brown grass and next to the toilets?! I just passed fifty places I coulda "stealth" camped for nothing! So, I politely thanked the dude and left, retreating a quarter mile to some bushes and trees not far from a horse farm that perfectly obscured my free night's stay.

Wait...before I left, I used the park's free canopy (open 'til 1000 p.m.) area to cook my dinner, organize my stuff, and charge my phone. And, yes, I called my mom and Grandma to say 'Happy Mother's Day'. It isn't ALL about me, you know. :)