Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chicago to (almost) Williamsburg, VA

The train dumped me in Chicago and I sadly could not see my good friends during the short layover but I gladly was able to fill my belly with a Chicago dog and my favorite caramel corn.

The train to DC was somewhat miserable without a sleeper berth and sitting upright for 18 hours next to an astoundingly annoying man. Still, I am getting excited.

It was fairly smooth getting my bike and bags from DC's Union Station to the Greyhound terminal after an early train arrival from Chicago, a five dollar tip to the red cap porter who carried my stuff out to the curb, and a very helpful cabbie who parked illegally so I would have the easiest unloading possible.

I was sitting pretty, and able to get on the 230 bus to Williamsburg, thus avoiding a five hour wait for the next bus. Getting on the 230 bus also meant a 730 arrival instead of a 1255 a.m. arrival. Sweet!! But, traffic was so bad that we missed a connection in Richmond and suddenly the five hour wait rematerialized. Not fun after being awake for almost 24 hours! But...enter Dave the rescue.


The G Family said...

so who is David ???? let's set this straight, no suspenseful pauses in your blogs (on behalf of your fans:)

Dennis Howe said...

Isn't that what a good book does, Gayla? :) Sorry...I am doing it all by cell phone and typing long entries is hard!!