Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey everyone!!

I'm going to Spain in 3 days and am psyched!! Right now I'm in the middle of mad, last-minute preparations/packing and trying to tie up loose ends at work before I go.

Interestingly, Spain beat Italy yesterday in the quarterfinals of the 2008 European Football Championships (soccer!!), and therefore they are now in the semifinals. They play Russia on the day I go over there, and the game will be over when I get off the airplane in Madrid. I have no idea if I'll be walking into a countrywide party, or if it'll be like a funeral. From what I understand, they take this more seriously than we Americans can even fathom.

I will write regularly on my blog during my trip (in place of emailing, most likely) so feel free to check back every couple of days if you want to know where I am and what I'm doing.



The G Family said...

D man,

Have a great trip, stay safe and we can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

lucky said...

Bien Viaje amigo, y tienes cuidado con los torros meintras que esta alla!!
Jason and Lara

kali said...

hi Dennis, Kali signing in from Down Under. Why Spain? My current house mate is half Spanish and half German and her and her fiance have been staying up all night for each game (they start around 4 or 5am down here!).. good idea about the blog. Enjoy!!!

the german girl said...

So, I guess you are on the plane right now.. I hope a nation wide party will be waiting for you when you get of the plane.. but then (I am sorry to hope that, but I do) I hope there will be a "funeral" on Sunday, so WE will be Europameister :)

Have a fabulous trip and lots and lots of amazing experiences!!!

red :-) said...

Hey Den!
So nice to hear from you! It's great to see that you're off on another amazing adventure. It'll be fun to read all about it. Have a great time and be safe.
Red :-)

Jen & Justin said...


I miss you my friend! Have fun in Spain - we're heading to Europe (London, Paris, Ireland, Italy, Amsterdam) in 3 weeks so i'll be thinkin' of you while we're both overseas :) HAVE FUN & SAFE TRAVELS

Ada said...

Don't go broke in Europe with our lousy dollar. I'm very jealous as this is the first year we have not made an international trip. :o( Great idea on the blog! Make sure to post some good pics.